The day our ceiling came down, and other tales

On Wednesday morning, we received a call from one of our staff that part of the cafe ceiling had come down. We were grateful that no one was there at the time, and that no one was hurt, but it’s certainly turned our business momentarily upside down!

The gist

The water damaged ceiling means that we have had to remove the contents of our cafe while repairs are being undertaken. We’re salvaging what we can. As well as a repairs to the ceiling, a new roof is currently being installed

What this means for Little Hawk

Hopefully only good things! While our cafe is temporarily a building site, please don’t be disheartened. Works are progressing rapidly. As well as the works mentioned above, a few other exciting upgrades are taking place and we’re really looking forward to inviting you into a beautifully revamped space. We hope to put the cafe back together again by the end of the week. We’re using this setback to reflect on our business and how we can improve it moving forward – the only way is up!

What can you do

Tell your friends! Our business is only as strong as our customer base, and our reputation. We’ve been lucky with both so far! We want people to know that we’re still in business, Little Hawk Freo is just undergoing some forced renovations at the moment and we hope to be back in action in about a week. We will be working hard to make that happen, and we ask that you let people know on our behalf.

Also pancakes

Ending on a high note, we’re adding pancakes and a couple of other delicious newbies to the menu. We were all set to launch our revamped menu at the start of autumn, and it looks like we’ll be launching it alongside a revamped cafe! Did we mention we might be hosting pop up nights? We cannot wait to show you.

Please get in touch with us via Facebook, Instagram or email at if you have any questions about what’s going on, updates or just to say hi. Your support and understanding have really lifted our spirits these last days.

Until we see you in person, you’ll find us @littlehawkfreo

From Kenny, Hana and the Little Hawk Freo team x