Soaring into 2019

As we prepare to open our doors to a new year, we thought we’d take some time to reflect on 2018 and some of our hopes for the year ahead.

2018 – the highs

As some of you might know, we began 2018 with excitement and nervousness. We were excited that our business had survived its first five months and was looking like being on the right track, and we were equally nervous. We were about to become first time parents. As Hana took maternity leave at the start of the year to welcome Baby Hawk, we were so lucky to have Steph join the team, confident in her many wonderful abilities.

The early part of the year was a blur, managing a new baby, long hours at the cafe for Kenny and a growing business. We were – and continue to be – really grateful to our customers and community for not only continuing to support our cafe, but of their understanding of and respect for our family life. As the year wore on, the Little Hawk team grew, making the cafe the friendly, vibrant place you enjoy. We know you love Ky, Tess, Sasha, Tasmin and Connie as much as we do!

We were able to grow our catering portfolio to include local and state government as well as private and corporate.

2018 – the lows

While we had many reasons to be thankful during 2018, there were also many challenging times. In June, Kenny’s dad passed away in Scotland and yet he persevered through this time with grace under fire at the cafe. A new baby, like a business, requires constant input and there were times we felt like we couldn’t keep up. Energy levels started to wane, sleep deprivation kicked in, we found ourselves questioning our decision to open a business with a new baby, while managing the challenges of daily life.

At times we questioned our decision to open a business with a new baby

We made the decision to close at Christmas for a much needed break, and a resolve to take more time for our family in 2019.

The year ahead

This year, we look forward to continuing to provide a home away from home at Little Hawk. Somewhere you can enjoy some time out, in good company, with delicious food and coffee. We’re excited about more creative daily specials, some changes to our menu and the possibility of pop-up nights (watch this space!). We will continue to expand the catering wing of our business too. This year, you will see some new faces in the kitchen and out the front as we grow.

We’ve definitely learnt a lot over the last 18 months of Little Hawk, all of which have been invaluable – though not all easy! What’s that saying? Whatever doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger…

Here’s to 2019!

‘Tis the season to be jolly

Can you believe the fat man with the white beard will be squeezing through your chimney next month already? Baby hawk is nearly one and it feels like the year has flown by in a flurry of baby milestones (sleeplessness anyone??) and the hectic life of a cafe! (But we love it).

We do think there are many reasons to be jolly at the festive season, including time out, time with loved ones and feasting! Speaking of feasts, if you’re planning a work or social breakfast gathering, we’ve got you covered, let us cater for you! We have a set menu available just for you! Please note that vegan and gluten free options are available.

This year we will be closed from Sunday 23 December to Tuesday 1 January, reopening on Wednesday 2 January 2019!




Closed Monday 22 October

Next Monday we are replacing our kitchen’s mechanical exhaust canopy and fan. This will ensure that the air quality inside our kitchen and our cafe is clean and comfortable for you to enjoy coming into our busy spring and summer months. However, because it’s going to be quite a big job – removing the existing system from the kitchen and lifting a three metre long canopy into its place, we will need to close for the day to make sure it all goes smoothly. This is because we will need to move and unplug various equipment (including the coffee machine) in order to be able to do this.

Why are we doing this?

You may have noticed that our little cafe gets a little stuffy inside sometimes. The air is filled with the delicious smell of food and coffee, but sometimes it’s a little too delicious. That’s  because our poor exhaust system can’t keep up! So in order to have a cafe with great atmosphere and great air quality, we need to install a larger system.

Also, without an upgrade, our poor staff will be working in a stuffy kitchen in the summer and we can’t have that!

When will the cafe be open as usual?

All going well (fingers crossed) we should have the old system out on Monday morning, and the new one in by Monday afternoon and Little Hawk Freo will be open for trade as normal from Tuesday morning at 6.30am.

Thanks for your understanding and support!